The PanAmerican Society for Pigment Cell Research (PASPCR) is a scientific society devoted to those of us interested in various aspects of pigment cells. Our Society is a very interactive one, meeting on an annual basis, and is composed of clinicians, developmental biologists, biochemists, immunologists, cell biologists, molecular biologists, chemists and physicists, among other disciplines. Look at the PASPCR Information page for more information on our Society.

The PASPCR Conference 2015 will be held this year in Orange - California
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A vitiligo meeting is planned for September 27 - 2015
at the Doubletree hotel in Orange, California. The meeting is open to patients, physicians and scientists. This is an opportunity to meet with other patients and colleagues, hear of the latest developments and share experiences.

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Other news

  • Tribute to Estela Medrano
  • The Colors of Our Skin: A mini-review on human skin color from the PASPCR.
  • Do White Blood Cells Make Cancer Deadly? Go to this link about the latest research by John Pawelek in Scientific American Magazine.
  • There is a new and improved Mouse Coat Color Genes web page, curated by Lluis Montoliu (CNB-CSIC, Madrid, Spain) and Dorothy C. Bennett (St. George's, University of London, UK). Check it out.

Related societies

The PASPCR is part of a Federation of Societies. Below are the links to the homepages of our three sister societies, the Asian Society for Pigment Cell Research (ASPCR), the European Society for Pigment Cell Research (ESPCR) and the Japanese Society for Pigment Cell Research (JSPCR) and the home page of the International Federation of Pigment Cell Societies (IFPCS). Pigment Cell & Melanoma Research is the official Journal of the IFPCS and the Society for Melanoma Research (SMR).

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